Times have changed since the first vibrators were brought out in the late 1800’s. Since that time women have experienced female suffrage, they have embarked on feminism and sex positive crusades, and they have achieved a more equal quality of life to their male counter parts. It’s not perfect, but it’s getting there. One of the concerns that relates to women is how they embark on sexual satisfaction without stigmas and negative thoughts. This is an ongoing process, and partially why a lot of women are reluctant to use vibrators. However, not only can vibrators do more than just attain sexual satisfaction as you’re about to find out, but the stereotype around women being labelled for their sexuality is diminishing and women are continually breaking free from that mould.

Benefits Of Virators
To demonstrate this – in 1970, the Hite Report revealed that only 1 percent of women were using vibrators. That has changed to an amazing 4900% increase with a report of over 50% of women using vibrators in 2009. Young women are increasingly choosing to masturbate as opposed to having sex.

Because of this, vibrators are changing. Whilst there are plenty of joke products out there, little soldiers, animals and a variety of novelty style vibrators, there are an increasing number of vibrators which are becoming better, and more aesthetically pleasing, designed, tasteful, elegant and functional.

Many men and women do not realize that the use of a vibrator is not just beneficial for sexual pleasure, but that there are numerous health benefits as well. The fact is, with research backed up by medical studies, that sex which is satisfying releases a variety of hormones and neurotransmitters that will help us feel more relaxed. There was an article that I read recently on the science of male chastity which does an excellent job in explaining the relationship between sex, hormones and neurotransmitters. Whilst it is geared towards the idea of sex in a chaste relationship, it should provide a starting point for you in regards to understanding the chemical relationship involved in sex. But to summarise, I’ll continue here.

After a woman orgasms the body releases mood relaxing chemicals that will help de-stress and relax causing a warm and fuzzy glow over the body and clarity of the mind – in a similar fashion to how poetry and reading can relax some people. Other benefits are that a vibrator will help increase blood flow to the genitals ensuring that they do not experience atrophy and will in fact rejuvenate them. Indeed, as women get older they will suffer from a loss of sensation as their estrogen levels decline. The loss of sensation is attributed to less circulation in the genital tissues which will result in a longer time necessary to achieve arousal and ultimately an orgasm. Vibrators can provide that extra stimulation required in order accelerate this process, plus a little extra foreplay will never hurt anyone.

Couple Pleasure With Vibrators
So an orgasm provides pleasure, but does anyone actually know the benefits of an orgasm as opposed to sex? Orgasms will cleanse the vagina and ensure that passages remain clear as well as strengthen the pelvic wall. Orgasms and sexual activity are also useful for increasing vital endorphins that can help stave off depression and other mental disorders. The dopamine and chemical effects of an orgasms will also assist in the development of intimacy and improve and strength love in a relationship.

That’s right. Orgasms are remarkably good for our mental and physical health. Orgasms, when you break it down, are simply a series of muscle contractions. These contractions are extremely beneficial in keeping our pelvic floor muscles in shape, which help keep our organs in place and fights off incontinence. If you were to go through exercise routines you will discover that most routines will list sexual intercourse as a light to moderate exercise. Sex is something that we will fit into our schedules with little to no thought at all, and there are numerous cardiac and mental health benefits. We’d like to point out that since two thirds of women cannot orgasm through intercourse alone, which is where vibrators come into the picture.

Most partners do not spend enough time on foreplay and passion. Because of this, many women do not experience an orgasm during sex because their partner has already finished by the time that she is warming up. To combat this, vibrators can be an important part of the foreplay. Bringing a vibrator into the bedroom with a partner, can be awkward if you let it. But there’s a lot of guys out there which don’t necessarily understand the female body. Guys generally have it pretty easy. They have a physical representation of their arousal in the form of an erect penis, they stimulate that which creates an orgasm and ejaculation and they move on. That is extraordinarily different to how female arousal works. Psychologist Cindy Meston, PhD of the University of Texas echoes this concern when she discusses the difference between men and women in their relationship with their physiological and subjective arousal levels.

“What we find in research in males is there’s a very high correlation between their erectile response and how aroused they say they are. But in women we get low, if any correlations.”

In that regard, a woman can be aroused, yet be showing no signs of that arousal. A vibrator can extend the time of foreplay, and allow a woman to show signs of arousal, or provide the extra stimulation that she needs in order to achieve sexual climax.

Many women, like men, may find it difficult to find a partner or lover for a variety of reasons. One of the more common reasons is that they’re experienced a loss of their partner in previous years. There’s an old adage which suggests if you don’t use it, you’re going to lose it. The thing is that the physical changes of getting old and going through menopause can take many people by surprise. The loss of estrogen can result in vaginal dryness and a loss of elasticity, and those changes can happen far more quickly if you’re not sexually active. What you once found pleasurable, may no longer seem so.

relaxing Women With Vibrators
In these instances vibrators for women will allow them to experience sexual relief. For many a vibrator becomes an essential part of their life. For example, for women suffering from sexual dysfunction a vibrator is often the only method of achieving sexual pleasure and this is not to say that her partner is lousy in bed either! It may also be the case with many victims of sexual assault that they do not trust or want a relationship with a person any longer and that that a vibrator may be the temporary way to find sexual fulfilment without triggering fear or anxiety, as they learn to handle such a traumatic event.

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